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Design symbols

Women in Water Diplomacy

Me and Stina Lanneskog had the honour of designing a symbol for the international network Women in Water Diplomacy.

We were asked to develop a unifying way of supporting collective positive visibility for the global network and it’s mission to promote women’s participation in high-level water diplomacy processes. The object should be wearable, gender inclusive and easy-to-use. 

In our design process we took inspiration from statement jewellery and accessories worn by women we admire but also symbols traditionally associated with the male sphere, such as military badges and the tie clip. 

The final result is a two dimensional ‘clip’ made of brass with a design inspired by the networks theme ‘a Rising Tide’ – for champions of water cooperation of all genders. The clip can be attached to a collar, a pocket or even used to tie a scarf with. 

‘The clip’ was launched on the 27th of August during the networks conference at World Water Week 2022 when many of the members met for the first time. The Rising Tide clip is being continuously used by the members and supporters of the network worldwide.