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Handmade rugs

I founded my own rug brand Makeda with a vision to combine art and graphic design with function. By using the space on the floor, rather than the wall, the rug becomes both a canvas and a piece of furniture.The rug patterns are inspired by shapes, patterns and movements found in nature.

Makeda’s story emerges from a collaboration between contemporary design sensibilities and traditional Tibetan-Nepalese knowledge, woven together in the high mountains of Nepal. Each Makeda rug is hand made by skilled craftsmen, using wools and dyes which age over time, developing a patina and depth in the rug which reflect its particular history.

Makeda – the Queen of Sheba – was rumoured to have given King Solomon a magic carpet of green silk which, shielded from the sun by a canopy of birds and born by the wind, could travel great distances. It is this sense of a journey, of traces left by nature, of stories which can be felt and of the potential of collaborative production that define a Makeda rug.

The experience of a room is coloured by diverse tactile and visual impressions – spaces are felt as well as seen, and carpets define a room in a way that we can feel. They also change over time in response to our touch, telling their own unique stories.